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21. Oct, 2017
6. Jun, 2017
Weird and Wonderful Words of Wisdom

This project is based on the original concept when I did my Graphic Design Diploma and I started to create a set of cards called words of Wisdom as part of my final project. I am aiming to create a set of cards that is to be made into a boxed card set and as part of this 100 day project I aim to speak to someone each day and ask for a quote or some words of wisdom that they would like to share. I may not necessarily agree with all the quotes given to me but I aim to produce a set of cards that may help inspire or motivate someone

29. May, 2017

Spending a wee bit of time at this exhibit and looking after some inspiring creativity. has fun taking photographs of this exhibit

28. Apr, 2017

Recently I was given the opportunity to photograph some images for a Gardening Health and Safety. heres one image of gear required when using a leaf blowing tool in the garden

15. Apr, 2017

Was privileged to be able to create a logo for a client who wanted to see the transformation of a butterfly and a dragonfly and this was an interesting challenge for me.  We went through a series of concepts and ideas and eventually came up with this creation This is just one of the concepts that evolved before a final logo was created.